Living in Future Tense


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Milo is a voice actor, known best for his role as Rory T. Lion of Rory and Friends. He started as Rory's singing voice shortly after university, and has since followed in his mentor Laurence Green's footsteps in taking up Rory's mane. Milo has amassed many (if often minor) roles in cartoons, video games, and anime dubs. As a British transplant, he took immediately to the SoCal lifestyle— but he supposes he's willing to try moving somewhere new for his family's sake.


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Liam is a horror fantasy author. He's become his own illustrator, as well, after learning that drawing helps him to drive out his crooked thoughts just as much as writing does. He's published a tidy collection of novels of his own, and is now working on a joint project with his long-time friend and fellow writer, Teddy Atwater. He's a stay-at-home father of two: one human son, named Elijah - and one blind, deaf, and elderly-yet-undying eldritch cat named Jojo.


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Sylvia has worked as an actress and model nearly her entire life; she's become a rising star over the last year after landing a breakthrough lead role in the television series The Ward and The Watcher. The show has been filming its highly anticipated second season, but unfortunately, Sylvia has incurred major injuries in a dire set malfunction. Production has been abruptly halted as media attention begins to stir. Sylvia has barely had time to blink, let alone heal.


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Nora is Sylvia's mother. She lives in England with her husband, Roger, though she's never emotionally accepted living apart from Sylvia in the short time her daughter has lived alone in LA. She's immediately been on the first flight over the moment she senses Sylvia needs her; this is the first time she's arrived to an actual emergency.


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Sylvia's father, and a retired agent. Though Roger no longer works in the industry, the enormous success of his career still bolsters Sylvia's acting connections to this day. Roger is a quiet, calming presence - and Sylvia takes after his reserved yet observant personality.